Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last Friday Adam and I had a date night!  It was a much needed date night.  I was so excited when he told me Thursday he was taking the kids to my moms and they were staying with her Friday night.  We don't get out much by ourselves so this a treat for us.

Heather invited us out with her and Jared and a couple of their friends.  Derek and Chelsea also came with us.

We went to see Casey Donahew Band and got home way to late!  Me and Chelsea chatted all night and people watched of course. We all had a fun time!  I would love to have a date night once a month!

Saturday Adam worked and we stayed at home all day.  I guess you can say Adam and I were tired from our night out.  We are getting old. Ha!  We did have some entertainment Saturday night.  This little boy is so silly.

Sunday we had breakfast at Adams parents.  The kids decided they wanted to swim and we didn't have our swim suites so we just threw on our swim diapers and made it work.  They had fun!  We decided to let them swim in the late am before it got to hot. 


Hope you all had a great weekend!

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