Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sick Day

Yesterday, I stayed at home with Aydrie Rose.  She started feeling bad Saturday morning and Adam and I instantly knew she had strep.  We kept Tylenol and Advil in her over the weekend and Adam took her to the doctor on Monday and sure enough it was strep. He stayed home with her Monday and I took off yesterday. 

I hate when any of my kids are sick but especially her because she can not tell us what is hurting her and we pretty much have to guess and figure it out. She has had strep many times so we can recognize the symptoms and pretty much know that is what she has.  I have asked the doctor about getting her tonsils removed but at this point that is not an option for us.  Her tonsils do not swell or anything they just get infected mainly because she has a bad habit of putting her hands in her mouth.  If that makes any sinceSo, we are on an antibiotic for the next ten days.

We slept in, took a couple of naps, and I got all my laundry done. I enjoyed my day off.  I just wish this little girl would have felt better.  It's hard to tell from this picture she wasn't feeling well.

We may or may have not had a cupcake for a the am.  Ha!  I was just trying to make a sick girl feel better and Ace just got lucky.

I couldn't keep these two away from each other.  They would decide they like each other when one of them is sick. I think Ace was worried about his sister.

Luckly the meds are working and by late last night she was feeling ten times better!  We start school next Monday so we need to get this girl well!

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