Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday!  

Oh, gosh how I dislike Mondays. 

So, how was your weekend??

I have been loving the colored jeans trend and finally broke down and bought me a pair. I was sad when they came in on Friday and didn't fit.  So, Saturday Heather and I went to the mall so I could exchange them.  When we got to the mall I realized that I had forgotten Ace's stroller so we went to the one store and left.  I wasn't about to shop with Ace and no stroller.  That would have just been miserable for both of us.

My mom went out of town this past weekend so Saturday night we took our dad out to eat.  We went to one our of favorite places.  We used to eat here when we were kids all the time.  We try and make a trip over there every once in a while.

We enjoyed some good food and conversation.  After dinner we drove around the neighborhood my grandparent used to live in. We also went by their old lake house.  There were lots of memories made in that house.  The cool thing is the house is for sale. If only we could all relocate to the would be perfect. Ha!  We ended up talking to some people that actually remember our grandparents.  It was a fun night.

{This is Ace's new smile.}

Sunday we stayed around the house most of the day and enjoyed dinner at our mom and dads. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

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