Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sister got a haircut!

Aydrie is well known for her bows and long hair.

Her hair was down to her bottom and it was so pretty!

Last week we went for a trim and her daddy wanted her hair cut not just a trim.  So, I let him talk me into it and the lady started cutting and cutting and cutting. 

Aydrie got to watch Dora on my phone and that help keep her still.

She has so much hair!  We thinned it out alot.  Can you believe all that hair came from her little head!  And she still has a ton left.  She has never had that much hair cut off her pretty little head.

 Pretty girl with her new hairdo!  She looks so big!

We have been trying out different hairstyles.

We put her bow in and she is just as cute as ever!

Look at that little ponytail!

I am not sure if we will keep it this short or not...we shall see.

Brother got a haircut too.

He got to watch "mouse" (Mickey Mouse) and he got a sucker after he was done.  

 He was pretty happy about that!


Dianna said...

I love her haircut! I can't believe how long it was!

Brook said...

That was a lot of hair cut! It looks darling in those pictures - she's such a cutie! And her brother's big smile is presh!

Courtney and Heather said...

Dianna- I know!! I still can't believe I let Adam talk me into cutting it!

Brook - Thanks so much!

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