Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday!

This week went by so slow for me.  I hate that! Oh, well yay for the weekend!!

Lots of randoms this week.

I feel like I am so behind in blogging. I still have our vacation to the lake to blog about and Jared and Heather’s engagement party.  So, my plan for next week is to try and get our vacation posts done.  We shall see.

If you missed Heather post on Wednesday you can read it here.  We took some cute pics.

Austin did a lot of fishing when we were a the lake and even bought some worms to fish with.  Ace thought they were so neat and always wanted to see them.  He would just look at them and laugh at them. I still can’t believe he actually touched one.  He is such a boy!

While we were a the lake we may have enjoyed a few of these little drinks.  I mean we were on VACATION! They were perfect sitting by the lake.

Aydrie had so much fun swimming last weekend. She swam until you could just tell she was tired.  I got her out and dried her off and she kept trying to get to the pool.  This girl just loves water.

I cleaned out some of Ace’s baby stuff last week and he came over to help me.  He kept saying “baby”.  When I got his walker out he wanted to sit in it.  I don’t think he was ready to part with it. Actually I don't think I was ready to part with it. Ha!  But it's time...I have hung on to his baby stuff long enough and Ace is are last so we will no be needing the stuff again.  They grow way to fast!

I had to go and exchange some pants at Target this week and I of course had to look at other stuff to.  I was happy to find that they had a lot of cute jewelry marked down to like $5.  I couldn’t help myself and had to get some.  I am a sucker for clearance items. Ha! So, if you have a Target by you go and see if they have their jewelry on clearance.

After Target we went and had pizza.  After we were done eating the boys played a couple of video games while me and Aydrie waited for them.  Aydrie decided she was ready to go and took off for the door. I had to go and catch her. 

Last night we went to Jared and Heathers.  Ace and Aydrie love going over there because there is so much to see.  They have their three dogs and two cats. And they also have ginny birds, turkeys, and cows.  Heather took us to see them all and even took us for a ride times.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Allison said...

I love the clearance jewelry at Target!

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