Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inks Lake

So, this year we spent our summer vacation at the lake.  We went to Inks Lake State Park for the week and it was so much fun!  

My parents were worried that we would all get bored but we did not.  I told my dad it was just like when we go to the beach minus the pretty white sand, clear blue water, and the pretty condo...ha!  It was a little different but very much the same.  We were with family and that was all that mattered. 

We did have a nice set up.  We had a camper with cold air and TV. My kids probably could have stayed at the lake all summer.  Austin was still able to watch his shows and Aydrie and Ace got to watch their Dora when they wanted to.

Inks Lake is about three hours from our house so the drive wasn't bad at all.  My parents went down Friday night with Austin and we went up there Saturday afternoon.  My dad got the best spot on the lake. 

Ace loved the lake the minute he got there.

This was our set up for the week.

Jared and Heather came down Sunday and they were across the street from us.  We had plenty of room for everybody. Our aunt, brother, SIL, and Lillie also joined us later in the week.

Our first full day there was Sunday.  Austin saw they had kayak rentals and wanted to rent one the first chance he got.  So, Sunday morning we took him and got a kayak for the day.  I was a nervous wreck because he had to take the kayak back to our camp site by water.  We were not able to put it in the truck.  He made it to the campsite just fine...I was worried for nothing.

Ace enjoyed watching and helping Austin with his kayak.

Sunday we kind of just hung out and relaxed most of the day. We didn’t get in the water the first day.  

I did end up taking a ride on the kayak and when Jared and Heather got there she tried it out too.

All week we fed these little ducks that would just come right up to our camp site.  The kids loved this.  Ace wanted to feed them everything…which we did not.

We enjoyed some good food all week long.  I meant to get a picture of all the stuff we had but failed.  This is the only picture I got.  My mom brought her crock pot and we enjoyed chicken tacos and cheese dip the first night.   For dinner we also had hamburger and hot dogs of course, loaded baked potatoes,  sausage on a stick, fajitas, and stuffed peppers.  We ate good every night.

For breakfast during the week we had taquitos, pancakes, muffins, and eggs and all the fixings.  I made tuna fish and chicken salad for our lunches so are lunches all weekend we ate tuna fish, chicken salad, and just regular sandwiches…which seem so much better when you are out by the water.    I also made some corn dip and this yummy fruit for the week.

 Austin was our smore maker and made smores after dinner nearly every night. He can make one good smore!


I will be back with more lake fun tomorrow.

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