Friday, June 1, 2012


Happy Friday!

I am so glad to today is Friday. We had Monday off and it still felt like a long week.

I have been meaning to post about our long  weekend but haven’t had a change. In the mean time I will share with you the yummy lunch we had on Saturday.   This is probably  my favorite part.

Speaking of food….my dads garden is going crazy this year and Austin and Ace have fun picking the goodies out of it.  Ace thinks everything he picks is an apple. He loves apples and eats all kinds of apples!

A couple of weeks ago it was just me and Aydrie at home and I kept finding her in her brothers room.  She would go and climb on Austin’s bed and make herself comfy. I guess she was missing her brother.

My cousin shared pictures from her wedding last week and this has got to be one of my favorites.  We had lots of fun together!  This was at the end of the fun night. 

Sunday morning I found Ace having a picnic in the living room.  I loved how he laid everything out. Ha!

So, in one week we will be going to the conerct of the least it is to us!  KENNY CHESNEY  We are all getting excited!  This will be our second annual Kenny Chesney concert.  This is a picture Heather took a couple of years back when she went. 

Hope you all  have a great weekend!

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