Monday, June 18, 2012

Kenny Chesney 2012

A couple of weekends ago us girls all went to see Kenny Chesney.  We had been waiting all year for the concert and we were all so excited!

We got up bright and early and headed to my aunts house.  We were going to tailgate but decided sitting inside in the air conditioner sounded much better. So, we went and had a yummy lunch.

We got to eat lunch with our cousin Tiffany and her family.

We ended up going to the stadium around 4:00 and headed inside to find our seats.  This year our seat were not has high as last year.  Next year we are going to try and go down another level.

Another plus this year is that the big screens stayed on the entire concert.  I am sure they got a lot of complaints last year.  So, we were happy that we could actually see Kenny! 

Jake Owen

Tim McGraw

Kenny was worth the wait! Like we said before if you have never seen him in concert you have got to go at least once.  He puts on a good show!

We are all ready for next year!

And just for fun you can click here to read about the concert we went to last year.

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