Friday, June 8, 2012

Camping Fun

Happy Friday!!

This past weekend the whole family went camping.  It was probably the most fun and relaxing thing we have done in a long time.  We packed our bags for the weekend and went about 10 miles out of town.  I love how we can drive a short distance but feel like we are hours away from everything.

Friday night we cooked out and had hamburger and hot dogs.  The kids had a blast and Austin enjoyed fishing.

My brother brought his tent and blow up mattresses and the kids loved jumping on these things.  Lots of laughs!  I love watching these three have fun together!

My brother had went out early Friday afternoon and took Austin and Lillie with him so they had been out there longer than us.  Miss Lillie loves hanging out with her daddy.  When we got there she was covered in dirt...but she was having fun!  Just look at that face!

Saturday the kids got to play with the water table and we also brought a little pool for them.  We set around and relaxed all day.

Aydrie and Lillie loved the little pool.


Ace on the other hand...he wanted to just watch them.  He did that at first and then we put him in and he cried.  It took him a minute to get used to the water but he didn't last long.


Saturday for lunch we enjoyed sandwiches and chips.  Why does a sandwich always taste better in the summer??  Saturday night Adam cooked for us and Heather and Jared made the best peppers ever. After dinner we enjoyed some smores.  Austin is good at making those.

We all had a great time and I think we are all ready for our next camping trip in July.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Us girls are so excited for tomorrow...we finally get to see KENNY!!  

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