Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Monday Off

Yesterday I was off work and took the kids to the dentist.  It was Ace's first dentist appointment and he did not have a good time.   His new favorite word is "no" and he sure did use that word a lot yesterday.  Austin and Aydrie went back first to get there teeth cleaned and when it was time for Ace to go back the lady asked if he was ready and he said no in the sweetest voice.

Both Austin and Aydrie got a good report.  I am waiting for the day Austin tells me he wants to go to another dentist.  I am thinking it will be in the next year or so.  Aydrie Rose did really good...better than she has ever done. I think it was because her Daddy was with her.  They are still watching her teeth and we go back in a couple of month to see another dentist to see if she will need any teeth pulled. Poor baby girl she has her moms big teeth.  Her baby teeth are so small but her big girl teeth are huge.  So, we will see.

Little brother had a rough time.  We had been talking about going to the dentist to brush his teeth all morning and he was excited.  He loves to brush his teeth at home.   The dentist ask him if he wanted to lay in the the chair and he said no...in a very nice voice.  So, he got to sit in my lap while he got his teeth looked at and cleaned.   He screamed and cried the whole time!

He was very happy when it was time to leave.  He got a car and balloon on the way out so that made him happy.

It was just not his day because he had a check up in the afternoon. He went in looking very serious and was not having any of it.  He didn't want to do his measurements or anything else the doctor wanted him to do.  He ended up getting a shot and he was so upset.  When we got home and he had to check on his leg.

We ended our night with some mexican food which made everyone happy.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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