Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Time, NO Blog....

Hello friends!

Back in September 2010, I created this little blog with this first post. My sister (Courtney) didn't even know what I had in mind, and wasn't sure she would EVER have any thing to post about. Little did we know that it would be her posting almost EVERY DAY and her little sister (the creator-ME) would get so busy and hardly ever log-in to our account. What a long way we have come since that first post!

It's been a CRAZY year for me! I have almost finished my first year of teaching.... 1 1/2 days left, have began a new adventure with my own little business, and attended my first "arts and crafts" festival and did AMAZING. With my summer fast approaching, I have a few goals that I want to accomplish. Maybe if I tell them to you all, I will most likely complete them.

 Goal #1.... to be a better blogger. I LOVE THE BLOG COMMUNITY and all of the support and kindness everyone has for each other. I miss reading all of my favorite blogs and posting my Show and Tell Monday's.

Goal #2... for my little business to grow and keep me busy! Court mentioned a few days ago that I would be sharing the details with you all. Here goes....

I have always loved taking an old piece of furniture and creating something beautiful out of it. There have been several Show and Tell Monday's that I have shared a furniture recreation with you all. With lots of help from my family I began looking for old pieces of furniture, signed up for my first "arts and crafts" festival, and worked my butt off repainting and refinishing.

I am so happy to introduce you to SHABBY PASSIONS.

The name came from my love of anything shabby looking and finally realizing that refinishing furniture is a passion of mine. The fabulous Tricia Nae designed everything on my website and even a business card for me! She is great to work with and also designed our blog site.

I hope that you will visit Shabby Passions often, I plan to have new items for sale soon and will always keep it updated.

I think I've said enough! I promise to post again soon.... Thanks for being such a great "family".

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Happy Wednesday!!

It's our lat week of school this week and then it is officially summer time around here...Yay!!!

The kids are getting out of school early this Friday and I am working half a day and then we are going camping for the weekend. Our first camping trip in our camper...I am hoping everyone does well and by everyone I mean Miss Aydrie!  We shall see. 

Today I am once again linking up for WIWW.

I love this dress. I got it from like two years ago for like $8.00!  I ended up buying three of them in different colors. Yep...I sure did.  When I find something I love I buy it in several different colors/styles.  This dress is so comfy!  I love this color combo.

Head to Toe - Target

I saw these shoes at Target last year and loved them so much but they didn't have my size. So, I ended up going up a size and they still work.  I got my necklace at Canton.

Don't forget to go and check out the other ladies.

Thanks for stopping by!

pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last Friday we had our monthly girls night and I finally took some pics.  We have the best time when we all get together.  Give us a glass of wine and some snacks and we just chat the night away.  I love my family!  I didn't get a pic of everyone ...I will have to do better next month.

Saturday we went to a 50th wedding anniversary for Adam's aunt and uncle.  We had fun the hour we were there!  Aydrie Rose was not having a good time and cried most of the time so we had to leave.  But she was one happy girl when we got home. 

While we were there Ace was having a good time running around.  They had a cake set up and he kept trying to sneak him a taste.  This picture looks really sweet but don't let it fool you...Ace was actually getting in trouble for messing with the cake.  He was trying to be sweet so he wouldn't.

When we got home Aydrie was all smiles.  I hate that she gets so upset.

Sunday we spent some time at my mom and dads. My dad cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs and we watched the partial solar eclipse.

Our weekends just go by way to fast!

Hope you had a great one!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's Wednesday and I have an outfit...can you believe it! 

We are all getting ready for Polka Fest around here.  My talented sister is going to have a booth and will be selling some of her pretty furniture.  She can take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something new by adding her creative touches.  I think she is planning on sharing her new adventure later this week so I will let her share all the details.  If you live in our home town and are going to Polka Fest be sure to stop by her booth.   There are about 3 or 4 pieces I would love to have!

Okay, so this week I have an outfit from Old Navy.  I love this skirt and have them in lots of different colors. They are so comfy and easy to mix and match with lots of tops. 

I saw this tank and loved how it had the neon stripe in it and thought I would try and wear some neon.  You know...because everyone seem to be wearing neon these days. Ha!  Maybe next time I will try a shirt with more neon in it.

Tank - Old Navy
Jean Jacket - Old Navy
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Target

I wore these cute bracelets from Target to match the neon in my shirt.   I have had this necklace forever and kind a forgot about it so I pulled it out last week so I would wear it.

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pleated poppy

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have you heard??

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are having a good week so far.

Have you heard of Birchbox?? 

If is a monthly subscription that you pay for each month and around the middle of every month you receive a cute little box with of 4 or 5 samples in it.  You can then review the products and earn points towards purchasing full size products of the samples or other products on the site.

I saw this on facebook a couple of months ago and thought it was so neat.  I decided to sign up and I was on the waiting list forever!  I finally got an email at the end of April that I could sign up…so I did.

I was so excited to get my first box!  It had some good stuff in it…my favorite is the coral polish.  It also has a little card in it that tells you all about the products. 

I can't wait till next month!

If you want you can sign up here.

I thought it was neat and worth sharing! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Randoms

Yay...It's FRIDAY!!

Time for some randoms pics from our week.

Last night Austin had his end of the year band concert.  They sounded so much better compared to their Christmas concert.  Lots of improvement.  At the end of the concert they gave a couple of awards away and Austin got one.  He got the most outstanding musician trombone award.  We were so proud of him!

Tuesday I took Ace to the doctor.  He has had a nasty cough and we wanted to have him check out.  We left the doctor with some cough medicine and it has helped.  Poor baby didn't feel very well at all. He really doesn't like going to the doctor at all. He cried most of the time we were there.

Wednesday it was Rangers day at Aydrie's school and she got to wear her Rangers gear.  I tried to get a picture of her but she wasn't having it.

This week I walked into the living room and Ace was trying to ride Aydrie's shopping cart.  This is how he has been playing with this all week.  Sometimes he gets stuck and just screams for help.  He is too funny!

He has also been helping around the house...I wish...ha!

Did you watch Grey's Anatomy?? OMG I cried my eyes out.   I hate how they always end the seasons!

Tonight we are having our monthly girls night.  I look forward to these every month.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

I don't have much time but wanted to post pictures from our weekend before this next weekend gets here. 

Saturday, we got up early and went to the Rangers game.  It was a rainy morning but luckily it cleared up before the game started at 12:00.  It was cloudy and a little cool the whole game which was really nice.  I was afraid we would be sweating the entire game. 

Aydrie and Ace didn't get to go to this game...with it being a day game I figured it would be to hot...we should have taken them. Oh, well they had fun staying with Adams parents.

Our cousin Brennan loves baseball and he goes to lots of  Rangers games.  He has many autograph baseballs and a couple of months ago he told Heather she could have one of his Michael Young autographed balls since she likes to Rangers a lot too plus he has a lot of autograph dups.  So, Heather was really surprised when he showed up to the game with the baseball. 

I ended up with a little bug Saturday night so Sunday we didn't do anything.   I laid on the couch all day and cleared my DVR.  I had a really nice Mother's Day!  We finally got out of the house in the afternoon and went to get an ice cream and drove around to the different camps sites here and found our camp site for our first camping trip the first weekend in June. Austin is so excited! While we were out we pasted this huge field of sun flowers.  They bloom there every year...they are taller than Austin.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ace 19 Months

Ace turned 19 months on April 28th.

I haven’t done a monthly post on Ace in a while and thought it would be the perfect time to do that now.

I know I say this over and over again but I feel like just yesterday Ace was that tiny little new born that we just brought home from the hospital.  I just can’t believe how fast time is flying by these days.

Ace now weighs 22 lbs and is 32 in long.

He is finally wearing size 4 diapers.

He is wearing 12-18 month bottoms and 18-24 month tops. I have started buying 18-24 bottoms but he is so short most shorts look like capri’s on him…but I think that is so cute. He is wearing size 5 shoes.

Here are some thing Ace is now doing at 19 months.

Ace will basically (if he is in a good mood) repeat any word you ask him to.  He has also started to put words together like I down or go bye bye.

Ace has grown to love baths thanks to Dora and Aunt Chelsea’s book about bath time.  Aydrie has  Dora soap and a Dora loofah that I used to get him to like baths. One day I asked him if he wanted to take a bath with Dora and that was it… he now loves taking a bath.  We now only use Aydrie’s Dora loofah for Ace’s baths and we pretend to use the Dora soap.  Ha!  Aunt Chelsea bought him a book all about taking a bath and we read it over and over.  The only part about bath time that he hates is washing his hair. Once we get done washing his hair he is done and over bath time.  But that is a big difference from a couple of months ago when he screamed and cried.  He now gets excited when it is bath time! 

Ace loves shoes. He will bring me his shoes at night when he is in his jammies and want his shoes on.  He loves shoes that he can put on by himself.  We just bought him a pair of rain boots and he loves to put those on.

He loves being outside. I think he gets this from his sister. 

Ace is still not sleeping through the night.   He will start out in his bed but will end up in our bed. My child hates to sleep. 

We are working on getting rid of the bottle. He only has one a night before bed time.

And the paci is still around.  We try and only let him have it when he is tired or taking a nap. Adam and I had a nickname for the paci which was “P”. We would ask each other do you have a “P” before we left the house or while packing a bag or something like that. Well, Ace figured out our nickname so sometimes he will say “P” asking for his paci. He is so smart.  He now calls his paci...bice. I have no idea where he that came from??
Ace loves animals and can identify a puppy, kitty, horsey, and moo cow….as he calls them.  He can even make the animals sounds for puppy, kitty, and moo cow.

Ace has learned the word mine which we are now teaching him what sharing means.  He is so funny and likes to say mine a lot when Aydrie or Lillie are around trying to mess with this toys.

He is learning lots of new stuff and it is amazing how his little brain just soaking up all of this new stuff.  

Happy 19 months Ace Brady.

And just for fun he is a picture of Ace one year ago.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

We are all looking forward to the weekend around here. We are all going to the Rangers game tomorrow and we are hoping it doesn’t rain.

Austin finally turned in his flower project on Tuesday. He ended up with 26 different flowers in his book.  I am hoping he gets a good grade. I am glad we are finally finished with that project.

I meant to post this pictures in the post I did yesterday but I forgot.  These are the yummy fajitas and strawberry short cake we had last Friday night.  I wish we were eating this again tonight!

Wednesday we went to Jayden’s first tee ball game.  They are so funny to watch at that age. He did really good  and they won!

Ace Brady really enjoyed the cupcakes at Lillie’s party last week. I think he ended up having two or three because he would take a bite and then drop it.  Don’t worry I didn’t let him eat three whole cupcakes…he probably had half of one. His favorite part was the yummy icing.

Speaking of Lillie birthday party.  I was going through my pictures the other day and I found this one when she was a itty bitty baby.  It is crazy how much they change in just one year!

Heather came for a visit last night and ate dinner with us.  Ace just loves his Aunt Heather.  He always gets upset when she is gets ready to leave.  So, last night Heather put Ace to sleep before she left so he wouldn't get upset. He is just too sweet sometimes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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