Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past week we packed our bags and went to our aunts.  Me, Aydrie, Ace, Mom and Heather got up bright and early Saturday.  We had my car packed with our stuff plus wedding stuff. 

We had plans to make wedding decorations all day.  But of course we got a little side tracked.  When we got to our aunts we were all hungry and decided to eat before we got started.  Every time we go to our aunts we eat mexican food.  We love mexican food!  They took us to a new place that had the best margaritas ever!  We may or may have not had one.   Ace Brady enjoyed his lala's (tortillas) and queso.

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on wedding stuff. We made the center pieces and they turned out so good!  I can't wait to see them all put together.  Tiffany's wedding is going to be so pretty!  I am so glad that she is letting us help.  We have had so much fun!

Miss Aydrie Rose loved their pool and wanted to get in it so bad!  She is going to love going over there in the summer.  Ace had fun with cinnamon.  I am sure she was glad we left. Ace followed her around all day saying "puppy".

Here is a little sneak peek of one of the things we did this weekend.  These are just some of the wine bottles we did.  We had a lot to do and we all created our own.  It was neat to see what everyone came up with.  Heather is probably the most creative out of all of us and when we got done Heather had decorated probably 20 plus wine bottles and then the rest of had like 2 or 3 done.  Ha!  It was funny.  I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

We all had a good time!

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