Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gone Fishing

So, recently Austin has discovered a new hobby.  He wants to go fishing every chance he gets.  Lucky for him my brother and dad like to fish also so they would take him.

Well, a couple of weekends ago Adam discovered that he likes to fish too.  So, now they both want to go fishing every chance they get.  I love that these two found something they both like and can do together.

I have a feeling someone else is going to like fishing also.

But until he is old enough he will just have to sit and watch.  Last weekend we went fishing with the boys and set and watched and enjoyed being outside.  Aydrie and Ace had their cups and some gold fish and they were just as happy as could be. 

I am thinking we will all go fishing again real soon.

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Dianna said...

Such a sweet post!

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