Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

When we were at my cousin’s wedding a couple of weekends ago Aydrie and Ace stayed with my SIL.  She is so good to them and made sure the Easter bunny left them some goodies. 

Last week Adam and Austin went fishing at Jared’s and Aydrie and Ace went to visit Heather while I went walking and got some stuff done around the house.  I love getting pictures of the kids when they are not with me.  They were having a great time with Aunt Honey!  Ace looks like such a big boy in this picture. While they were with her they got to see her puppies and new kitty’s.  They both had fun.  The boys went fishing again this week and Heather came to my house. She was nice and gave Aydrie and Ace their bath while I did laundry and got the house picked up.  It was so nice!  Thanks Heather!

We are still looking for wild flowers. We have 8 or 9 more to get which we will be trying to find this weekend.  We have been looking for this flower for the last couple of weeks and the only places I saw it was on the way to work on the highway and I wasn’t going to stop on the side of the highway to get.  Well, last Friday I was on the way to work and found one close to our house so I pulled over Friday night and got it. I was so excited to finally get this flower!  Ha!  The funny thing is that now everywhere I go I see this flower…go figure.  I never thought I would all get excited over finding wild flowers.  But I guess when your twelve year old has a school project that has to get done that is what happens. 

Heather made some yummy cupcakes this week and brought us a couple.  They were banana pudding cupcakes.  They were good.  Ace loved them!

Heather is very excited that baseball season is here again.  She stocked up on some cute Rangers shirts last week.  These shirts are so cute!  We will both be going to our first Ranger game this season next weekend.  Go Rangers!

Have a great weekend!


Dianna said...

I love the Rangers shirts!

Wendy said...

Love the shirts!
Where did she find them?

Sarah said...

I just came across your blog! I love it! GO RANGERS!

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks ladies! The shirts are from an online store.


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