Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Five Hours!

This past weekend was great!

Friday we had our monthly girls dinner. This month we had it at our mom and dads and dad made us some yummy hamburgers. We were missing some girls this month but we had a few extra guys join us this week...Austin and Ace came with me.   While we waited for our hamburgers to be made we stuffed our faces with some yummy bean dip Jordan made and my corn dip. It was a cool Friday night so we didn't stay outside to long. 

Saturday we had a lazy day and stayed around the house most of the day. We got up Sunday and went to Adams parents for lunch.  His parents bought a swing set for the kids so we spent our afternoon outside while the guys put the swing together. 

So, while the guys put together the swing there was lots of playing going on.  Aydrie and Ace love being outside!  They had lots of fun and were very tired when we got home that night.

Finally five hours later the swing was done.  Yes, it took them five hours to put together the swing!  They only had to take it apart once or twice because some screws were in the wrong places or a part was put on wrong. Ha!  Oh, and they stopped to have lunch.  The kids were very excited to finally get to play on the swing!  I think they are going to love having one over there.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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