Friday, March 23, 2012


I am so glady it's FRIDAY!!

Last week while we were on spring break Adam and I decided to go out to eat with Aydrie and Ace.  Austin was with my parents so it was just us.  We didn’t realize how late it was until we got to the restaurant and ordered our food. We always put in the kids order first and then order ours and it usually works out perfectly…Aydrie and Ace will eat their food then when they are close to done our food arrives and we eat and leave happy.  Well, the other night we got their food they ate and were done. They were both crying because they were tired…. Ace a little more than Aydrie.  It was also the first day of spring break so we had been gone all day and they were ready for bed. It is the first time ever we had to leave a restaurant because of the kids! So, we got our food and put it in a to go box and left.  I was so upset!  We got in the car and Aydrie was happy and Ace feel asleep.    So, Adam and I enjoyed our dinner at home.   I am hoping that doesn't happen again.

While we were shopping last week Ace found some cool shades to go with his new hat.  We left the store with out the shades but I am thinking we need to go back and get them. Look how cute he is!

I walked past Aydrie and Ace’s room the other day and saw this.  They were in their room just a playing and the good thing was no one was crying.  

Do you like sweet potato's? How about sweet potato fries?? If yes, then you have got to try the sweet potato tator tots at Sonic.  They are good and go perfectly with a unsweet tea!  We enjoyed some of these last week.

Ace has decided he loves rain boots but he doesn’t have a pair so he wears his sisters around the house.  They other night he didn’t want to take them off. I am thinking we are going to have to get him his own pair.

Last Saturday when we went out to eat for lunch we ordered dessert.  We never order dessert but I am glad we did because these were so good!

Tomorrow our sweet Aydrie Rose turns 8!! I can't believe it!!  We are having cake and pizza tomorrow night with the family to celebrate her birthday. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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