Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Fun

Our first two days of or spring break were good.  Today we are taking it easy...resting from the last two days of fun.

Monday we had planned to go to the zoo but changed our minds quick when we saw how packed it was.  Instead we headed down the street to the Ft Worth Stock Yard.  We have never been so thought we would check it out.  We enjoyed lunch and walked around and shopped.   We also got to see the cattle.


Ace got to eat fried pickles and love them.  I think he loved dipping them in ranch more. He was loving it.

Austin enjoyed going through a maze.  It took him 30 minutes to get through it.

Aydrie and Ace loved seeing the longhorns.  Ace loved it so much he clapped as they went buy and when they were gone.

This is what Ace did when we asked him were the cows went.  

Tuesday we went and had lunch at Tuscan Slice.  The kids got to make their own pizza and we had the best chicken alfredo pizza.   We then made our way to the mall and to Target.  My kids have out grown their spring and summer clothes from last year so we spent the day shopping for new stuff for them. 

We finally made it home after being gone all day long and crashed. 

It has been a fun spring break so far!

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