Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aydrie' 8th Birthday

Aydrie Rose turned 8 on Saturday.  I can't believe she is 8!! She is the sweetest little girl and just gets sweeter and sweeter every day.

This year we just decided to have a small party for her with the family.  Adams parents let us have the party at their house. They have a huge back yard with lots of patio furniture so we thought it would be better to have the party over there so we could sit outside and enjoy the pretty weather.

We had lasagna, pizza. and salad. And cupcakes and ice cream.  I didn't want Adam to have to cook and thought lasagna and pizza would be easy and good. I think everyone enjoyed the food.  Jayden loved my cupcakes and ate 2! He wanted to eat a 3rd one but we wouldn't let him.  We didn't want him to get a stomach ache.  He kept going on and on about my cupcakes and wanted to take some home!  He is so funny.

Aydrie loves being outside so she had so much fun at her party.  She got lots of cute new clothes...that she needed so badly.  I now need to clean out her closet to make room for her new clothes.

Here are some pics from the fun day.  I got Aydrie some balloons and they were a hit with her and Ace. They wanted to both play with them before the party started.  I was just hoping they would make through the party...which they did.

Jayden loves his Aydrie Rose and was such a big help.  He helped her open all her gifts and gave her all the tissue paper which is what she loves most about getting gifts.  At one time he piled all the tissue paper in her lap and she loved it!

Thanks to everyone that came to the party! Aydrie is a very lucky little girl!

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Amanda said...

Hope your sweet girl had a wonderful bithday! I love her super cute birthday outfit and the pictures in front of the fence. SO CUTE!
xo~Amanda :)

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