Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Happening

Hey there!

We have been MIA again! Totally not meaning to be but it happens.

With our house on the market all I do these days is make sure my house is spotless and spend time browsing other houses...hoping that we get that call that someone wants to make an offer on ours. Our house has been showing so at least I know there are people out there looking. Yeah, I know exciting stuff. Ha!

I have gotten pretty good at sitting and relaxing at night that is because there is nothing left to pick up or clean.  Even Adam made a comment the other day that he likes our house looking spotless all the time. Ha! We might have to act like our house is on the market all the time. I mean my house is never that messy but we used to leave beds unmade, stuff on kitchen counters, toys in the living room and I would come home every day to a messy house and that was no fun.  Now I come home and all I have to do is clean up our mess after dinner. It has been really nice.

Ace and I have got a new routine down where he sits on the couch with me a  night like a big boy.  He likes to get his toys and crawl up on the couch next and to me and play.  He is so sweet.

This past weekend we didn't do anything at all.  I didn't even leave the house on Saturday. It was so nice and I was off on Monday.  So, that made it even better.  We we lazy all day on Monday too. 

Monday I had my planner out and Ace crawled up next to me and wanted my pen.  So, to distract him I traced his hands. He thought that was neat and he wanted me to do it over and over again...then he threw a fit because he wanted the that little nice moment was over kinda fast.

Oh, and I am loving my Erin Condren planner!

So, do you like our new blog design???  Tricia at Tricia Nae Designs designed this for us.  It should be complete in the next few days.  We both love it!  If you are in need of a new look for your blog Tricia is easy to work with.  You can check her website out here

Happy Thursday!! It's almost the weekend!!!

This post was very random but I just wanted to give a quick update. I have had a few emails asking when we would post again. ;)

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Amanda said...

LOVE the new blog design. I miss you girls! Hope you are both doing great! :)

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