Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brother and Sister Love

I meant to post these pictures a couple of months ago but I am just now getting around to it.   These were taken in December which would explain the pajamas and Ace’s horrible haircut.   Ha!  Like I said before these to rarely get along and I know one day that will change….when Ace is old enough to realize that his sister is a sweet heart and she has no idea that when he walks by her she shouldn’t push or pull him down. 

Ace can really be a sweet heart.  We can tell him to go get Aydrie or where is Aydrie and he will go straight to her.  He also likes to give her bites. Gold Fish are a favorite in our house and these two will stop whatever they are doing for some Gold Fish.  Here Ace was being extra sweet and would give Aydrie his Gold Fish.

Sweetest thing ever!

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