Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Day Off

Today it was just me and Ace. 

Austin and Aydrie went back to school today and Adam had to work.

I kind of hated having the day off and sitting at home all alone.

Me and Ace slept in this morning.

Ace slept longer than usual. 

He didn't wake up till 10:00.

So, that gave me some time to read.

I am loving my Kindle Fire!

I spent most of my morning getting my Christmas stuff down.

I am hoping to have my tree down in the next couple of days.

I changed out my mantle decor and decided to go ahead and put up my Valentines Day decor.

I liked how it turned out. I will share it later on this month.

Besides getting my house back in order.

We have been playing, naping, baking, and playing some more.

Ace was happy to see his brother and sister come home from school.

We had a great day but it would have been even better if everyone was off with us.

Tonight I am looking forward to The Bachelor. 

I said I wasn't going to watch but I am.

I DVR'd the first hour so I am fixing to watch it so I can fast forward thourgh all the boring stuff. Ha!

Tomorrow it's back to work for me and I am hoping my week goes by fast!


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