Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

It's time for the weekend! Yay!

Heather and I have been talking about starting What I Wore Wednesday again and I think we are actually going to do it next week.

I had gotten out of the habit of taking pictures and we just stopped.

I liked when I did it because it made me really think about what to wear and I loved getting ideas from all the other girls.

So, be looking for that next week...hopefully.

Have you heard who the next bachelorette is???'s Emily Maynard.

She is the one that Brad picked last season and they broke up last summer so now it's her turn to try and find the one. Ha!

And yes I will be watching it.

I am hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Do you watch Lifetime?? 

I love me a Lifetime movie!

Saturday there is a new movie premiering.....Drew Petterson: Untouchable.

It is based on a true story.

So, guess what I will be doing Saturday night??

That is after it is done recording on my DVR.  ;)

This week we made cookie brownies. 

They taste a lot better than what they look

If you haven't made these have good!

Last Sunday morning I got up and cleaned the house.

I was dusting and this little boy wanted to help out.

He was so cute.

He would just follow me around.

Please pay no attention to the dust on that's gone I promise.

While we were cleaning this little girl was playing.

She loves to play with the balls.

I snatched up these cute shoes for Aydrie from The Children's Place.

They were on clearance and I just couldn't pass them up.

We are loving these glitter shoes!

Ace has been having lots of picnics this week.

He just loves this toy.

I just have to keep an eye on him when he is playing with it so he doesn't loose any of the pieces.

I am so particular about their toys.

I have to keep all the pieces together and if we loose a piece we must find it...asap.

I guess you can say I am a little ocd.

Last week I discovered the spicy ketchup at Whataburger.

You have got to try this stuff!

They say they are only offering it for a limited time only but I am hoping they keep it around.

I love it!

Have a great weekend!

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Laurie J said...

spicy ketchup?! no. way. those glitter shoes are toats adorbs, esp on clearance

Holly said...

I love the glitter shoes, and am now very curious about spicy ketchup!

Dianna said...

I liked the spicy ketchup too!!

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