Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feels like Spring

The weather this past weekend was PERFECT.

It felt like spring and it got me really wishing it was.

Saturday we started out our day with a little visitor.

Derek and Miss Lillie came over for a while and we got to visit and play with her.

Aydrie and Ace had fun playing with her.

Since it felt like spring we decided to get some yard work done.

We took Aydrie and Ace to April's so Adam and I could do some stuff around the house.

Not to fun but if felt good to get some things marked off my to do list.

I tried to get a pic of these two before we left and this is what I got.

Ace was much to busy to take a pic.

We got everything done that we needed to so Saturday night we enjoyed laying around.

I spent the night catching up on my shows and watched a life time movie.

The perfect Saturday night!

Sunday we got up bright and early, ate breakfast, and got to work on our laundry room.

Another project that we needed to get done.

We cleared out the laundry room and my brother and dad came over and helped us put the new tile down.

It turned out so good and it is so much nicer then the carpet that was in there.

A big thanks to my dad and brother for helping us!

The spring like weather didn't last long it has been cold and rainy the last couple of days.

Oh, well it was nice while it lasted.


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