Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Randoms

Yesterday Aydrie had her surgery and we were all worn out.

It was early bed time for everyone in our house.

Today she is doing much better but her poor little eyes just hurt me.

We have spent the whole day laying around. 

So, glad we have my pretty tree to look at.

Last night Austin had his Christmas program and I was very sad I missed it.

I stayed home with Aydrie and Ace and Adam went.

I heard he did great.  I so wish I could have been two places at once!

I meant to make a note about this last week but I forgot so I am doing it now.

We got a call from two different people the Friday before Thanksgiving break telling us Aydire had said HELLO!!

Yes, she spoke her first word!! 

And she said it more than once.

I am sad to report that she hasn't said it at home with us but that is what she did with walking to.

She would always walk at school and never at home and that has changed now.

So, we are going to just give it time and I hope that one day we will not be able to keep her quiet!

The other day before I hung my wreath above my mantle I was taking a picture of it to sent to my mom and Heather.

Ace saw me and this is what he did....he wanted in the pic too.

So, we have decided that Ace is going to wear a hat till his hair grows.

LOL Just kidding....his hair cut is growing on us.

The other day Adam had his hat on and Ace wanted to wear his to.

Last Sunday I got a little time to wrap a few gifts and Austin kept using my scraps and wrapping Ace's toy.

Ace thought it was the funniest thing and loved opening his "gift".

I think he is going to have fun this Christmas.

Have you tried these???

If not go buy you some they are soo good!

They also have peanut butter but I like the chocolate better and it says dark chocolate but it is more like regular chocolate.

I really do not like dark chocolate but these taste nothing like it.

On Monday I made some banana pudding.

It turned out good and we have all enjoyed having some after dinner each night.

Including this little boy.

So, this week we have been very jealous of Adam's brother and siser in law. 

They have been at Disney World all week. 

They left last Sunday and come home tomorrow.

I can't wait to hear all about the trip. 

Troughout the week we have been getting pics.

I so wish we were there!

 Hope you have a great weekend!

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Kristy said...

Just found your blog and see that ya'll are from Texas, too!! What part are ya'll from?? I live in east Texas about 2 hours from Dallas!!

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