Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Friday Off

Last Friday Aydrie had her yearly check ups.

Ace was supposed to stay back with the sitter but at the last minute I decided to take him. 

We had to get up bright and early because our first appointment was at 9:00.

At her eye appointment we found out that she will have to have surgery on both of her eyes.

It is an outpatient procedure so the recovery time is fast. We are hoping every thing turns out good and that this helps correct some of her eye problems.

We left the first appointment kinda beat down and wondering if surgery was the way to go.

In between her appointments we went had lunch with Adam's brother and then went to his house and stayed until it was time for our next appointment.

After I left his house I was in the mood to come home and throw all our toys away! Ha!

His house is so neat and tidy...but then again there are no kids there so I am sure that is a big factor.

The whole time we were there I had to make sure Aydrie and Ace didn't break anything.  

Don't worry I didn't throw any toys out. Ha!

Our second appointment was with her neurologist and that visit went great! We got answers to all our questions and she got a good report.

We left the appointment feeling better about the eye surgery.

By the time we got home Friday night we were all worn out.

We came home, put our jammies on and enjoyed our Friday night in.

These two were actually getting along.


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Anonymous said...

Glad the neuro appointment went well. Praying for her & you through her eye surgery.

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