Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

So, I really can't believe it is already November!  I love this time of the year.  I love the holidays and spending time with the family! 

The weather is finally starting to get cooler!

I am addicited to Pinterest, once I get on I can't stop pinning!

I hope I am not the only one that does that??

I did pretty good this week and didn't spend to much time pinning. A couple of weeks ago I pinned these cute outfits and I decided to order some of the stuff for the holidays. 

I was so happy when I saw this package at my front door! 

I meant to share these shirts when I got them but I just now got around to it.  I have seen these shirts all over Etsy but they are always white t-shirts.

Everyone who knows me knows that I rarely every put my kids in white. 

So, I was happy when I found this shop and saw these cute colored shirts.  And I was even more happy when they were only $10.

I ordered these real quick.  She has all kinds of color shirts to choose from.

On Monday I showed you the cupcakes I made.

I also made this five layer dip and put some spider rings on it.

I thought it turned out cute....easy way to spruce up for Halloween.

I ordered these cute cookies for Halloween.

I got them from the same person who made Ace's birthday cookies.

They were once again nearly to pretty to eat!

Monday, my Mom brought some Halloween treats over.

Aydrie and Ace got come cute jammies and Austin got a gift card...which he is already making plans to spend this weekend.

We went to the Cheescake Factory over the weekend and for dessert we all shared the snickers cheesecake.

It was soo good!

Have a good weekend!!

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Mama Bub said...

Those Christmas shirts are adorable!

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