Thursday, October 13, 2011


We had a good three day weekend.  I love long weekends!!

We were supposed to go the football game Friday night but decided not to because we didn't feel like spending the whole night dodging those nasty little crickets. 

So, instead we went to my moms.  My dad was at the deer lease so we went out and stayed the night with her.  We came home got in our jammies and went to her house...the less we have to pack the better!

We spent our night laying around and playing with Bailey.  I am sure Baily was glad to see us go on Saturday. Ha!

Saturday, was a big day for us. 

Our little monkey got his first haircut.

But before that we hung out at my moms.  She got a cricket and we were having fun trying to figure that out.  My list of stuff I want to make is growing! 

Have you ever made anything with a cricut?  Apparently you can make all kinds of stuff.

We all were wearing our Texas bad they didn't win. 

Saturday night we headed to Adam's brothers to watch the Ranger's...but before we went we stopped at home to put on our Ranger gear.  You can't go to a Ranger's watching party in your Texas gear. 

And they won so that was great!

Sunday was a raining day here.  We went out to my moms once again to play with the Cricut. She even made couple of signs and they turned out so cute. I forgot to get pics of them so I will share those next week.

Adam was supposed to go to the Ranger's game but it ended up getting canceled and someone wasn't to happy!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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