Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Hair Cut

So, Ace has been needing a hair cut for a while now but I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my little baby boy.

But Saturday was the day.

We took Ace to get his first haircut.

It was time.

This is him when he first got in the chair.

Then the girl starting cutting his hair and he lost it. 

He cried the entire time.

I even tried to give him his paci and a book but it didn't work.

Once it was over he was fine but you would have thought she was really hurting him.

Ace got his very own brush and that kind of made him happy.

But what really made him happy was his first sucker he got after his first haircut.

His haircut turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted.

It is amazing what a little trim will do.

Look at our little boy! 

Before we left he got a prize.  He loved this part.

I wonder how his second haircut will go??

And just for the record my other two didn't cry when they got their first haircut.  Like I said before Ace is nothing like his brother or sister.


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