Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iPhone Pics

Does this ever happen to you??

I have over 1500 pics on my phone!  I am a little obsessed with my camera phone. Ha!  It is just so easy to take pics with.

These are some ones I want to post before I clean my pics out.

It’s always easier to find them when they are on my phone then once they are uploaded to my computer...or for me anyways.

Why do little ones love tupperware???  Ace does this at least 3 times a day.

I have pretty much just given up on keeping this cabinet organized.

Most of the time I just throw everything back in the cabinet because I know it will all be on the floor again soon.


Ace is loving his new toys he got for his birthday.

And we still have a few more to open.

He is one spoiled little boy!

Aydrie and Ace will play together…sometimes.

There are usually tears shed sooner or later when they are playing together.

I never know which one is going to start crying. 

I am hoping one day they like each other.

We have been experimenting with  “time outs”.

Ace will sit there for a second or two….maybe.

This hurts his feelings more than anything. Ha!

I am hoping we don’t have to do these a lot.

Jayden is such a good cousin!

He is always taking care of Aydrie girl.

We were over at their house for a Ranger’s game a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to help feed Aydrie. 


 Just being a sweet girl.

Ace trying to be like his big brother.

 That all for now. ;)


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