Saturday, October 8, 2011

Canton Trip

Last Sunday we got up bright and early and headed to Canton. 

We haven't been in over a year and we were so excited to go.  Ace got to go with us.  It was his first trip and he did great.

My dad went with us and he was very nice to carry our stuff around. We went to the anitque side or as I call it the "junk side" first and ended up finding some really good stuff.

We got a couple of the old windows and a couple of cabinet doors.  We were really close to buying an old door but we were not fast enough. As we were walking up to look at it someone else was buying it.

Ace took a good nap while we were shopping around.
We will diffidently be going back to the junk side next month.  Every time we go to Canton we say we are going to go there but we never make it.

We can't wait to go back next month!


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