Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Football Game

Last Friday, me and the boys went to the high school football game.  It was Ace’s very first time to go and he did well.

Austin always likes to go so he can visit with his friends.

I have been researching car seats on line and I was so overwhelmed we just decided to go and look at them Saturday.

We ended up getting the Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat.


This one was the only one that didn’t look that huge and was in our price range. Ace will still be seating rear facing so we had a hard time finding one that looked like it would fit in my car

We put him in it at the store and he fits so much better in it than his baby carrier he has now. I am hoping we like it.  I have been so busy this week that it is still sitting in the box. Ha!  I am hoping to get it out this weekend and try it out.

We also starting looking for Halloween costumes.  We really didn’t have any luck on Saturday but do have some idea of what the kids will be for Halloween this year.

Halloween isn’t my favorite but the kids will get to dress up and we will go and visit people we know. If it was my choice I would skip it. Ha!

We then went to my favorite place to eat….The Cheesecake Factory.  It was so good and I ate way too much.  The rest of the night we relaxed at home.

Sunday, I debated putting up my fall stuff yet or not…and decided to clean my house instead.  I am not sure why I choose to do that.

I am hoping to get my fall stuff up this next week.  I also ordered my fall scents from Bath and Body Works. I love fall and all the fall scents!  It make my house feel all nice and warm.

Now if we can only get our cooler temps back.  This week we were in the 100’s again! 



Susan @ sarasays said...

Love that car seat. I think u will too. I used it for both girls and it was great!
My older girl loves going to the games too!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Football games are our favorite. My older boys get so excited for Friday nights :)

LOVE the car seat! All of my boys had this one and LOVED it!!!

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