Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend Fun


We woke up Saturday morning and made a trip to the "teacher store" with Heather.  She needed to pick up some more stuff for her room and I think she has everything she needs now to start her 1st year of teaching.  I am so happy and excited for her! 

We had an extra little person with us and we all enjoyed having her with us.

After we were done at the store we went to Aunt Jaye's.  Jaye just moved a little closer to us so we decided to swing by her house and visit with her.  We went out for lunch and then came back to her house and sat around. Ace, Lillie, and Aydrie kept us entertained all afternoon.

We made it home Saturday night and I got my DVR cleared and hung out with this little boy.  These are Aydrie's blocks that he has now taken over. He loves playing with these things.

He tried so hard not to fall asleep but...he ended falling asleep with a block in his hand.

Sunday, we went to Heather's class room to see all the work she has done and then that afternoon the kids got to swim. My weekend went by was too fast!

Hope your weekend was great!


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