Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

We are in full party planning mode around here.

I can't believe I am planning Ace's 1st Birthday! 

I finally found someone to do the decorations and will be getting those soon.

Me and Heather have lots of stuff we are going to have to put together.

I was so happy when I got home Saturday and had another package in the mail.

I got Ace's birthday shirt in last Wednesday and received his little beanie hat on Saturday.

Now we have everything we need to take his 1st Birthday pics!

Here is a little peek.  This is the back of his shirt.

Last night we had "meet the teacher" and got to meet Austin and Aydrie's teachers.

I have been so worried about Aydries' new school all summer but after meeting her teacher last night I know she will be just fine.

She is in a class with 4 other boys!

She is the only girl so she will be getting lots of attention and she is used to that.

It was also Heather's first "meet the teacher" and she did great.

She got to meet 18 out of her 22 students. 

We met Heather and Jared at the local mexican food restaurant again for enchilada night.

I really wouldn't mind if we made it a weekly thing.

Austin is such a big help around here.

I was getting some stuff done around the house Tuesday night and I went to check on Ace and Aydrie and they had went to Austin's room and Austin was entertaining them.

Ace loves to crawl and play on Austin if Austin is laying on the floor.

This is what they were up to Saturday night. 

If you missed Heather's post on Monday go here and check out her class room.

It turned out so cute!

life rearranged



Amy said...

What a great big brother! From seeing your photos it seems like he enjoys his siblings and likes to watch/play with them, it's so sweet!

Kennagurl said...

Awesome big brother!! I love when my oldest one plays with the little's :) Great pics !! happy friday !

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