Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday…once again.

This week seemed like it took forever….HELLO FRIDAY!

Yesterday was the first day in 40 days we didn't get above 100 degrees. We were two days short of breaking the record set in 1980 for the longest streak of 100-degree days.  I think some people were kind of disappointed we didn't break the record. The sad thing is the 100 plus temps are back today.

Come on cooler weather!!!

Last week when I picked Ace and Aydrie up from the sitters Mrs. Sherry told me that she thought I needed to buy Ace a cup...because he tries to take everyone cups from them.  She said she looked over one time and Ace had  a cup and he was just a drinking.  So, we finally got him one.  We usually give it to him when he eats.  It took him a while at first but he likes it now.

If you missed it yesterday I posted this pic of Aydrie soaking her feet.  While we were at our aunts last weekend my other aunt Donna decided she was going to pamper herself and use Jayes foot spa.   Well, Jaye didn’t have any bath salt or oil so Donna thought it would be okay to put some Bath and Body Works body wash in it. Well…all I can say is don’t ever do that!!   She ended up with an explosion of bubbles and Austin was running back in forth from the her to the kitchen getting rid of bubbles. So, her foot spa was cut short.  We all died laughing!

I have been wanting to go garage selling for a while but I never have the time or get up early enough for all the good stuff.  Well, I got lucky on Saturday!  Our neighbors were having a garage sale and I got all of this stuff for $20.  I think I did pretty good. I am thinking some spray paint and some fabric and I will have some cute stuff.  We shall see... 

Ace has learned to play peek-a-boo and this is how is does it.  I mean aren't you supposed to cover your ears. ;)

This shirt Ace has on used to be Austin's.  I will have to try and find a pic with Austin wearing it. Love that Ace is wearing it now!

Wednesday night we met Heather and Jared at a local Mexican restaurant.  Every Wednesday that have an Enchiladas special and Margarita special.  Me and Heather may or may have not enjoyed us a tasty Margarita.

On Monday Heather will be showing off her completed class room.  So, come back on Monday and check it out.  It turned out soo cute! 

Hope you have a great weekend.

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Amy said...

My kids keep asking me when we can go to tag sales, we haven't been this year yet either. It's not that I haven't wanted to, we're always busy. Hopefully in the next few weeks. I can't wait to see what you do with your treasures!!

Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed that after all of those terribly hot days, we barely missed it! And especially since were back up in the hundreds again today! But oh well the little break was nice while it lasted! :)

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