Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

Gosh…I can’t believe it is already August!

We started our back to school shopping a couple of weeks ago.  Aydrie will join Austin and will have to wear a uniform this year.  I got her uniform tops in this week and they look so cute on her but I am kinda sad she has to wear a uniform.  I guess we will have to add some cute shoes and bows into the mix.

Why I am always attracted to the souvenir shops where you have to walk through the sharks mouth??  I love going on vacation and going to all the souvenir shops, even though they each one have the same exact things.

Last week this little boy learned to open his Puffs.  Those teeth came in handy for something.

Austin had fun feeding the seagulls last week.  I think he went through entire loaf of bread just for the birds the couple of days we were there.

While we were in South Padre we ate at the Pirates Landing and the kid meals came in this neat little ship.  If you are ever in that area you have to go and eat at this restaurant.  It was neat.

While we were eating there we ran into the cutest little pirates.


Heather got her toes done last week and they are so cute.  

While I was gone last week Heather went with mom, Jaye, and Jayme to see Billy Currington at Winstar in Oklahoma. I was a little sad that I missed that but they had a good time.

If your living here in Texas, you know all about the HEAT WAVE that's been going on. We've had over 30 consecutive days of temps over 100 degrees. Jared and Heather live in a house that is cooled by window units. This is what her thermometer read when she got home yesterday afternoon INSIDE HER HOUSE! SO HOT!

Is anyone else ready for fall?

Heather and I have been completely addicted to Pinterest here lately. Here are some cute things we can't wait to wear when the weather cools down a bit!

Do you spend your time pinning things???   We both love it!

Happy Friday y'all. Have a great weekend!

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