Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Fun at Aunt Jayes!

We had a nice and fun weekend.  How about you??

Saturday morning we got up and went to Aunt Jaye's.  Heather had prior plans so we missed her this weekend.

Before we left town we stopped at Sonic for a drink for the road.  I have found my new favorite drink....Coke Zero with lemon!  It is so good.

We made it to Jayes and sat around for a little while and then did a little shopping.

{I love Ace's expression in this pic.}

Someone had fun getting into the cabinets.

We decided to go swimming Saturday evening...our plan was to go swimming that afternoon when we got there but it was so hot we decided to wait.  The water was still so warm but they still had fun.

{This little float used to be his big sisters.}

We ended our Saturday night with a movie and a trip to Sonic for a sweet treat.

Sunday, I was up bright and early with Aydrie and Ace...they were up by 6! We got up and went and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  It was so good! 

The rest of our weekend we spent at home laying around doing NOTHING! 


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