Friday, July 29, 2011

Randoms 7/29

Happy Friday!!  Here is what we had going on this week.
Miss Aydrie lost her first tooth last Friday.  I am still trying to get a pictures of her toothless smile.

And this little boy is just getting his teeth. I have been trying to get a pic of his cute little teeth and finally did the other night when he was just talking away.  I am missing his gummy smile.


Ace has become my little helper.  Now only if this would last. I wish his older brother would do this!

This is my favorite time of the day...feeding Ace.

Even though he can hold his own bottle I still hold him while he eats.  Sometimes he lays in his boppy but most of the time you can find me holding him while he drinks his bottle.  It is the only time these days that he will be still in my lap.

Here he is being a big boy and laying in his boppy.

I picked these up at Target last Saturday. The brand is Mimistar and they have soft soles. I think they are very cute.  Ace really hasn't worn shoes so I think these are good for him to start out in. They do run big. I had to get him 0-6 months.

They are so cute on his little feet!

And I think these are adorable!  These are little ribbon shoes that Lillie had on Saturday. 

Last Saturday Heather made her stuffed peppers. She makes them with pineapple cream cheese and they are soo good!

Have you ever tried them with pineapple cream cheese??

While we were packing for our trip this week Austin was very helpful!  He kept his little sister and brother entertained while we packed.

And I was very shocked when I got all of our stuff to fit in one suitcase!  We were very limited on room and I had to cut back big time!  And we did have to sit on it to get it to zip!

We're linking up this week over at Life Rearranged. She has a InstaFriday party every week, where we all share our random happenings that we didn't get to blog about. Check her out.

life rearranged

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!

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Jennifer said...

We LOVE stuffed peppers at our house...I've never tried them with the pineapple cream cheese though. We'll have to give it a try. :-)

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