Monday, July 11, 2011

Instagram Vacay Part 1

I promise I will stop talking about our vacation soon but I just had to post these last pictures I have from our trip.

I discovered Instagram about a month ago and I can't get enough of it!

While on vacation I used this app a lot to get some pics. I ended up with quite a few so I am going to break it up in to two post. 

{Views of the pretty beach from our balcony}

{Ace and Aydrie enjoying our balcony.}

{During the day we would roll Ace's pack-n-play to the living room so he could play...which he did not like.}

{Yummy watermelon!!}

{Aydrie's cute patriotic swimsuit...the best $5 I have ever spent!}

{These sand toys kept Ace entertained....he now plays with them at home too.}

{Aydrie Rose looking cute on the beach!}

{The view from my beach chair.}

{The place we called home for a week.}

I am sure everyone thinks I am a crazy because I use three cameras.  Oh, well...I am always the one taking pictures and capturing all this memories for us to be able to look back at.

Fun Stuff!


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