Friday, July 29, 2011

Randoms 7/29

Happy Friday!!  Here is what we had going on this week.
Miss Aydrie lost her first tooth last Friday.  I am still trying to get a pictures of her toothless smile.

And this little boy is just getting his teeth. I have been trying to get a pic of his cute little teeth and finally did the other night when he was just talking away.  I am missing his gummy smile.


Ace has become my little helper.  Now only if this would last. I wish his older brother would do this!

This is my favorite time of the day...feeding Ace.

Even though he can hold his own bottle I still hold him while he eats.  Sometimes he lays in his boppy but most of the time you can find me holding him while he drinks his bottle.  It is the only time these days that he will be still in my lap.

Here he is being a big boy and laying in his boppy.

I picked these up at Target last Saturday. The brand is Mimistar and they have soft soles. I think they are very cute.  Ace really hasn't worn shoes so I think these are good for him to start out in. They do run big. I had to get him 0-6 months.

They are so cute on his little feet!

And I think these are adorable!  These are little ribbon shoes that Lillie had on Saturday. 

Last Saturday Heather made her stuffed peppers. She makes them with pineapple cream cheese and they are soo good!

Have you ever tried them with pineapple cream cheese??

While we were packing for our trip this week Austin was very helpful!  He kept his little sister and brother entertained while we packed.

And I was very shocked when I got all of our stuff to fit in one suitcase!  We were very limited on room and I had to cut back big time!  And we did have to sit on it to get it to zip!

We're linking up this week over at Life Rearranged. She has a InstaFriday party every week, where we all share our random happenings that we didn't get to blog about. Check her out.

life rearranged

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

I am addicted to Instagram! 

I can’t get enough of it.  I love how it turns the plainest pictures into a cool looking ones. 

So, that would explain why I didn’t pick up my big camera once over the weekend.  I just used my phone to document our days.

Friday, we stayed in and ordered pizza. I got caught up on all my blog reads and I got my DVR cleared.  I love lazy Friday nights.

This little boy did a little playing.

And a little walking.

I am so sad my baby is already trying to walk! 

Saturday, Adam had to work so we stayed at home most of the day.

I was so happy when my SIL called me to see if I wanted to run to Target with her. I haven’t been in over a month and I was having withdrawals.  

So, me, Aydrie and Ace ran to Target.

I am trying so hard to not go shopping until I get my closet cleaned out. I have so many clothes that I haven’t worn in forever but I just hang on to just in case I want to wear them.

Do you ever do that???  

I guess I need to try harder because I came home with two things for myself. I have a list of some stuff that I wanting to get once I get my closet cleaned out.

So, yes I am trying to clean out my closet but I still have a list of new items I want to get for my wardrobe. I know that doesn't make sense!?

So, I got two of those marked off.  

I have been using Pinterest and pinning all kinds of stuff.  It is really fun and it has given me all kinds of ideas. I am hoping to spruce up my wardrobe with some cute stuff…we shall see.

Saturday night we went to my parents.  We cookout and the little ones got to play in the water.

 We actually set outside till dark. It was nice but sooo hot. 

I hate I am going to say this but I am looking forward to the fall. 

I am ready for the cooler weather.

But Austin, Aydrie and Ace did have fun playing in the water.

And it was this little girls first swim. She is a cutie!

Sunday night we went and had dinner at my SIL’s house.  We may or may not have been invited…Ha!  But dinner sure was good. Thanks April!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Don’t they just come and go to fast??!!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey everyone....hope your week is going well!

If for some reason you wonder why I am posting random pictures of myself...I will let you know it's not because I think I have style and dress trendy.

I along with lots of other cute ladies link up every Wednesday to Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy

She is a stay at home mom who started this whole thing to encourage herself to get out of sweats and actually get dressed everyday.  She is so cute and she does have style.

I like doing this because it encourages me to take more time and really put thought into what I wear.

I still think I need to work harder at putting together my outfits...because it always seems like I am wearing the same thing over and over. But I am really trying to do better.

I love looking and getting ideas from everyone that links up. 

Don't forget to stop by and check them out.

So, here is what I had going on this week...when I actually took pics.

Wednesday 7/20

Cardi - Target
Dress - Ross
Sandals - Ross

Thursday 7/21

Head to Toe - Target

Friday 7/22

Head to Toe - Target

I think I shop at Target to much...ha!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Show and Tell Monday- DIY Pennant String

I'm sure some of you will get sick and tired of me talking about my classroom ALL the time, but it's my HUGE project right now.

In my room there is a WALL of windows. I wanted to figure out something to hang onto the windows that would be fun and bright, but didn't want just a plain window valance.

This picture was my COMPLETE inspiration. Thanks to my sis for sending it!

I measured the windows, found a pattern for my triangles, and figured out just how much fabric I was going to need.

I bought 8 different colors of fabric in 1/2 a yard for each one.

Mom had the idea to back the triangles with wonder under to make them a little stronger, and to maybe prevent so much fading from the sun beating in the windows. So I began ironing, tracing, and cutting. About 72 triangles later, I had everything that I needed!

I bought 5 packages of single fold bias tape to string them all together. We started by sewing, but then figured out that the wonder under and the backing was just too thick to be sewn. We headed up to my room, glued the strings how we wanted them, and then glued each and every triangle.

I used zebra fabric and my wonder under to add this friendly "Welcome."

And... here they are! I LOVE THEM! So bright and cheerful. I promise to share pics of my completed room soon. I'm having so much fun getting everything ready!

Linking here! P.S. Sorry to be posting so late tonight.... BUSY day!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Randoms

Yay!! It's Friday!!  Here is what we had going on this past week.

BIG NEWS!!! This little boy took his first steps this weekend.  I wouldn’t say he is walking just yet but he is getting braver and braver.

Why does my baby have to grow up so fast???

Did you see the stool that Heather showed on Monday?

If not you can find it here.  It turned out so cute.  I am wanting to use that color so bad for something in my house!

Mandy over at Sugar Bee featured her stool on Wednesday. Thanks Mandy!

Aydrie is turning into a little bully at times…lol.  She has now decided that everything Ace has she wants and has no problem grabbing right out of his hands.

This is Aydrie's sad face.  I tell her NO in my regular voice and this is the face I get.  She is so sensitive. 

Saturday morning I put Ace in his crib while I did some stuff around the house and I came back to this.  He is so sweet. 

This is the first time he has slept in his bed and it was by accident...ha!

Ace loves to go through his diaper bag and pull out every single thing that’s in his bag...this weekend he found these.  Ha! I had actually forgot those were in there.  

Austin was very impressed with Aunt Jayes remote controlled lights/fans this weekend.  I think we are going to have to upgrade.

Saturday we went swimming and I couldn’t resist getting a picture of these wrinkled little feet.   

Sunday Ace got to taste pancakes.  Don’t let this picture fool you…he loved them! 

We had a little vistor this week.  Ace would not be still long enough for me to get a good picture.

We are once again packing our bags around here. We leave for South Padre next week. We are going with Adam's family and even though I just had time off I am so looking forward to this trip!

Thanks to all of those who leave us sweet comments each week .It is nice to know that someone is actually reading what we write. 

I am also glad to here that I am not the only one out there that has to pick up the same things day after day. ;)

We're linking up this week over at Life Rearranged. She has a InstaFriday party every week, where we all share our random happenings that we didn't get to blog about. Check her out.

life rearranged

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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