Monday, June 27, 2011

Show and Tell Monday- Beach Towels


A few weekends ago, Court and I got together and made some cute beach towels for all of the kiddos!

We used the same process that we used for the St. Patty's shirts, and Lillie's cute outfits here and here.

Everyone is excited about getting to use their new towels at the beach this week.

Linking HERE! Have a great week!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Random's

It’s Friday….Yay!!!

Heather received the KEY to her classroom on Wednesday. Last week, she made her first trip to the teacher store and picked up a few things for her new classroom. We are all so excited to decorate her room!

Heather and Jared went to the Ranger game Monday night with Jared’s family. They didn't get a pic together at the game, but they did bring home a Nelson Cruz bobble head for Austin, and he thinks it's the coolest thing ever!

While I was out last weekend getting some last minute stuff, I picked up these cute items. I think they just scream BEACH! I am hoping I put these to use next week.

I showed you how I made my layered flower hat Monday. I ended up pulling that flower off and putting it on a military style hat. I am loving it so much more.

I was also busy making these super cute hats for me and Heather. I loved how they turned out.

I think I went a little hat crazy!

Last week, we showed you Heather's new entry way. This week, she added a little red, white, and blue!

Tomorrow, we leave for a week long trip to the beach!!  So, I am not sure how much blogging we will do or not do next week.

We hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Lovin

So, I just wanted to share some things I am loving right now.

We will have our feet in the sand soaking up some sun in just a few days. I can hardly wait.

This year we are headed to Panama City, FL.  We usually go to Destin, FL but thought we would change it up this year and try something different.  When we go on a family vacation…the whole family goes and we have so much fun!

Below are some of the things that I am loving and have purchased for summer!

I am loving this bag and my mom and I got this bag for all our beach gear. Our bags turned out so cute!

I got lucky when I bought the bags above because Stephanie was having a promotion, her 500th sale got a free bag.  And guess who the lucky 500th sales was???  ME! 

I ended up picking this cute bag in black and got my name in red. It turned out super cute!

I am also loving this bag which I am using as Ace’s diaper bag. I love seersucker fabric and this bag has rope handles and just screams summer to me.  I had to have this for summer!!

Last year I  bought this bag (from the same shop as above) for Austin to take on our Mexico trip.  It was nice for him to have it to keep his beach stuff in, it kept my stuff sand free.

Something else that I am loving are these hats that can be customized with a name.

Just in case you can't tell...I love looking and shopping at  I discovered ETSY a couple of years ago and can't get away from it.

If for some reason you never look or shop there you have to check it out! But I will warn you it is very addicting. Ha!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

I am once again linking up to The Pleaded Poppy. I have fun doing this week to week and I love looking at all the other fun ladies.  Don't forget to go and check them all out.

pleated poppy

Well, it is just me this week and I didn't do very good at all taking pictures this week.  I only got three pictures.  I did find a skirt in my closet that I think I have one once before.  So, it is now in the front of my closet so I can find it again.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday 6/15

Shirt - Target
Skirt - Belks
Sandals - Bealls

Thursday 6/16

Shirt - Ross
Pants - Bealls
Sandals - Target

Monday 6/20

Cardi - Target
Dress - Target
Sandals - Ross

I have been so busy making lists and getting stuff ready for our vacation. I did so bad with packing when we went on our spring break trip that this time around I am trying not to forget anything.

My kitchen table has turned into our packing table.

I always over pack and I am going to try my best not to do that this trip. 

Have you ever had to pack for 5 people???  It's hard work!

I also always make sure that all my laundry is caught up and my house is clean before we leave for any trip...only because with 5 people we will come home with lots of laundry that will have to be done.  And I do not want to come home to a messy house.

So, getting ready for vacation has been pretty stressful. It feels like I have so much to do.

I love going to the beach but I do not love me in a swimsuit.  I always get stressed out.  I have collected many swimsuits over the years and out of all of these I am not liking any of them.

Lots of triangle tops and strings = not for me anymore. Ha! 

Have you shopped for swimsuit lately?? 

Just in case you didn't know...they are getting smaller and smaller every year. I swear a large bottom is like an extra small these days or at least is feels like it.  Or it could be that I am a large and just don't want to believe it...Ha!

A lot changes when you have three little ones! I am hoping I can find something before we leave.

But I still love our vacations!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

Our weekend started out with a girls night.  Heather, Aydrie, and me decided at the last minute to go out to eat.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Aydrie, was not having a good night and didn’t like the guy that sat next to us. He had the deepest voice ever and whenever he would talk poor Aydrie would jump. So, we tried to eat fast because Aydrie was so uncomfortable.  Sometimes it is really hard to go places with her.  She hates crowds and loud noises and when she is having a bad day it is really hard on her.

We took this picture before we went and ate and she looked excited to be with the girls.

Saturday, not much going on at all. We had some last minute things to get for I got some marked off my list.  I was supposed to start packing Saturday night but instead I decided to be crafty and work on something I have been wanting to try. I will be sure to show you in the next few weeks.

Sunday, it was Father’s Day and Ace decided he wanted to get up extra early….6:30 am so by 7:00 everyone in the house was awake!  So, we all got dressed and started our Father’s Day extra early. 

We went and visited Adam’s dad and all went out to eat for lunch.  After lunch Austin and Jayden got to swim for a little while. And then we headed to see my Dad Sunday night.

We are all getting so excited for vacation around here!! 

Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Show and Tell Monday - Layered Flower Hat

I have been looking at these hats on ETSY for forever now and I finally decided to try and make one.  And I am loving how it turned out!

You will need a hat, fabric, fabric glue, and a hot glue gun.  I found this hat at Wal Mart for $2.50.

For this hat I found a flower pattern I liked on line and then cut out my pattern. 

Once you have your flower pattern you will cut out the fabric.  I cut 7 flowers for this hat and a tiny cirlce for the middle of the flower. I also frayed the edges of the fabric a little.

Then you will start using your fabric glue and start gluing your fabric pieces together.

Once they are all glued together you will want to use the hot glue gun to attach your flower to your hat.  After I had my flower glued to my hat I felt like something was missing…so I added a little bling to it. 

This type of project is very hard for me because it take me forever to choose a color scheme and decide what fabrics to use. 

I have a bunch of fabric at home that I went through and finally decided on my color scheme. I loved how this hat turned out and plan on making more!

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