Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

We all had a great weekend.

We started our weekend off with a visit to our SIL and Lillie.  Heather and I went over there and ate dinner with them and than sat and looked at Lillie all night while Ace kept us all entertained.

Lillie was very nice and let Ace use her pink bumbo and play with some of her toys.  I think he really wanted Lillie to play with him.

Ace is looking so big these days especially now since Lillie is here. It really is sad how fast they grow. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Ace home from the hospital and my brother and SIL were telling us they were expecting. 

Now, Ace is seven months old and Lillie is here.

Look how sweet they are!

Saturday, we got up and headed to Adams parents. His mom and dad decided to get a pool for the summer. So, we help them put that up.  Austin, Aydrie, and Jayden were so excited and can't wait to swim in it. 

I am sure if it wouldn't have been in the 60's all weekend they would have been in the pool this weekend. 

Aydrie had lots of fun! She loves being outside. Her and Jayden had fun playing with his sidewalk chalk.

Sunday, I finally got to plant my flowers...more on that later and then we had dinner at Adam's parents. 

It was a little bit warmer on Sunday but still not warm enough to swim.

Adam and his brother cooked out and we had a nice dinner outside.

We had lots of yummy food to choose from and Austin and Jayden even helped.

  We are hoping this next weekend it will be a lot warmer.


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