Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Saturday, started off not too fun...I got up and did some major house work, but if you came to my house today you wouldn't be able to tell. Ha! I hate that. Every time I get my house cleaned, I turn around and it is a mess again.

I have no idea if that is just our house, or if other people have this same problem??

Sometime I stress a little to much about keeping my house spotless and the laundry caught up, and I have to make myself stop. My kids could care less if the hamper is full or if the dishes need to be washed!

So, after I got done cleaning we layed around, one little boy took a nap and played most of the afternoon. 


Then, Heather came over and we decided to go and visit the new parents and Lillie. Austin got to meet Lillie for the first time and didn't want to put her down. I think we all miss Ace being this little.  They grow way to fast!!

{Me and the new Daddy.}

I love how one day these two will be running around together! They are seven months apart and will grow up together.

Sunday, we got up and put on our Rangers gear and went to the Rangers game. It was a good day...even though the Rangers didn't win.  We all had a great time!

We decided to take Aydrie and Ace at the last minute, so I had to run and get her a Rangers shirt Saturday night. I tried to make her shirt look cute and girly by adding some baseball ribbon. I think she was looking extra cute!

Aydrie was okay before the game started but when the game started she didn't like all the noise and wouldn't sit by herself.  So, she sat in our lap most of the game.  We took turns letting her sit with us....but I really do think she had fun.

Ace's Rangers gear didn't fit him anymore so when we got to the game Adam went and got him a shirt and a hat.  He didn't really care for the hat to much.

I tried to get a good pic of Ace in his Rangers gear but this is all I got...he was still messing with that hat.

We ended our weekend with a visit with this little girl.  She was all dressed in her Rangers gear too.  It's hard to believe that Ace fit in that onsie about seven months ago.

Hope your weekend was great!


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