Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Randoms


We're getting pretty excited about summer around here and have a few projects to work on this weekend. Of course, we will be sharing them all with you!

Miss Aydrie Rose had a busy week at school. She got to visit the school she will be going to next year, had Field Day, and early release today. We're all getting a little sad about her day's winding down at the Early Childhood Center.

We had to pull out the teething rings for this little boy this week and he has been loving them. He cut is first tooth this week!!

Austin is performing Oklahoma tonight and tomorrow night with the Choir at his school.  They have been practicing for months now and I can't wait to see it. He will be playing the part of Jud.

Sweet baby Lillie turned 2 weeks old on Wednesday. She's such a cutie! We are loving that big bow!

Ace and Lillie got to hang out with us last night while all of us girls got our tan on.  They are so cute!

Aydrie Rose is getting braver and braver.  She was doing lots of walking this passt weekend...which makes us all very excited and happy!


Heather got this cute little bench from our Grandmother, and is in the process of painting it. It will be featured on Show and Tell Monday here in the next few weeks!  I am so wishing I would have gotten it...Ha!

While Heather was out shopping with a friend this past weekend she sent me a pic of this romper she thought I may like...which of course I did.  So, she picked it up for me.  I love when she thinks about me while she is out shopping. Thanks sister!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Amber said...

Oooo!! I love that Romper! Where did she find it?? She may need to pick one up for me too!! ; )

Courtney and Heather said...

Amber- I picked it up at a store called La Mariposa at Stonebriar in Frisco. It is so super cute!

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