Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Randoms

YAY!!! It's FRIDAY....makes us soooo super happy!

The big news this week is sweet baby Lillie. She is perfect in everyway and we are all over the moon about her! Earlier this week we showed you the cute stuff we made for her...well here are some pics of the sweet girl in her cute outfits.

My mom hand stitched the "L" on Lillies shirt and it makes the shirt so much cuter. 

Ace has a new trick. He started doing this last week...he really needs to stop growing up so fast!

These two are already starting to get into trouble together. Oh, well at least they are really cute!

On Tuesday Aydrie woke up feeling bad so Adam took her to the doctor.  Luckly, she didn't have strep again, just a viral infection that had to run its course. She is feeling better now.  While they were waiting at the doctors office they sent me this pic and it just made me laugh.

Yes, she was still in her jammies but her daddy did her hair! Ha!

Last week I ordered this super cute bracelet from Carly @ Gawdy and got it on Tuseday.  It turned out really cute! (This pic isn't the best.) I also ordered my mom one and she really like hers too.

Last Monday, Heather showed y'all her Hanging Solar Lights.

Thanks to Making The World Cuter and Sassy Sites ..... for featuring us! It feels so good to have people feature your projects! Be sure to visit these ladies.

Thanks agian for those that visited our space and left sweet comments this week!

Have a great weekend!

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