Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, our weekend turned out better then I thought it would.

Thursday, Aydrie woke up feeling bad but luckly she and Ace had a check up scheduled.  Adam took them and came home with two sick babies.

Aydrie with strep again and Ace with an ear infection and also a cut in his eye.  Miss Aydrie got a little to close to him last week and poked him in the eye.

So, Friday Adam stayed home with both of them.  He had a very long day but took very good care of them.  He is such a good daddy!

When I got home this little girl was in a good mood and gave me this pretty smile when I brought out my camera.  It is amazing what a couple of doses of medicine can do.

Austin had another school dance so he was very excited to go to that. 

Saturday,  Adam had to work and we decided we would try and get out of the house for a bit.  So, we got dressed and we all headed to the mall. 

Heather and I found our "outfits" for Kenny Chesney and we also enjoyed lunch at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!  We love that place!

I told you about the Rangers shirt I bought here the other day...well Heather ran by VS and got this one and it nearly didn't make it home with her.

Right after Heather bought this shirt we set down for a minute and she set her VS bag down beside her.  When we got up to leave she forgot to pick up her bag and we walked off.  She didn't realize it until about 30 minutes later and we went back to see if we could find it.

Well, it wasn't there and we were all sick to our stomachs and Heather was nearly in tears.  We were walking off when a girl comes running up to her with her VS BAG!!  She was so happy she gave the girl a big hug!  Their are still some good people in this world!

Saturday night we stayed at home and I got to catch up on my shows that I recorded throughout the week.  And this little guy was close by.

Sunday, we got dressed and headed to Adam's parents for lunch and got to enjoy the pretty weather. 

Aydrie got to go out for a little while but Ace had to stay inside.  We are trying to get over that ear infection.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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