Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Randoms

Gosh...I can't believe it is already FRIDAY!!! Yay...for the weekend!

This week Austin got some great news! He made a 100 on his reading TAKS test.  We are all so proud of him!!  I am not sure who he takes after...ha.

I got a cute pic of this little boy in his cute bunny jammies.  Aunt Chelsea got these for him and they are so cute.  I love Carters clothes!

Speaking of Aunt Chelsea....she went to the doctor this week and our Lillie bug might be here sooner rather than later.  Chelsea is mesuring 39 weeks and she still has about 4 more weeks to go.  She goes back to the doctor next week to see just how big this baby girl is.  I don't think any of us would care if she decided to come early as long as she is ready.

Aydrie was looking extra cute yesterday morning before school.  She was all ready for her easter party at school.

We finally bought a necklace from Carly at Gawdy and we love them. I love how my funky Texas Rangers necklace turned out.

Heather's Rangers necklace turned out cute too! I am sure we will be buying a few more.

Heather wanted me to give you a sneak peak of a project she is working on. Hard to tell now, but the finished project is going to be great.

Jared's birthday is on Easter Sunday so they are planning an eventful weekend. Happy early Birthday to Jared!

We are both so excited for the holiday weekend, and we hope you all have a great Easter!


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