Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby, Birthdays, & Baseball

So, we had a very busy but FUN weekend with lots of family time!

Saturday, we had my SIL's baby shower in the am.  We got up early and went to that. Miss Lillie got lots of stuff and we can't wait for her to get here!  She will be here in a few weeks.

After the baby shower we helped Chelsea get all their new goodies home and put away.

Then it was time for Austin and Aydrie's birthday dinner. We had family come over and help us celebrate their birthdays. I love my family and all the fun we have together! 

The weather was so nice Saturday we spent the whole day outside.

Miss Aydrie loves it when we sing Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, we got up early and headed to the Rangers game.  Aydrie and Ace stayed with Adam's parents while we went to the game.

We got Austin tickets to two Texas Ranger games for his birthday. 

We got to go on Sunday and we will also be going to a game in May.  We did a little tailgating and then went to the game. 

We got a really good deal on our seats and didn't mind sitting way up high.  We were in the shade the entire game and we all had a blast!  This is the best place to sit during a day get the shade and a breeze.

And the Rangers won which made it even better! 

We are all looking forward to the game in May.


Amber said...

We were there Sunday...& I think had the same seats on the 3rd Base side though! I loved being in the shade too!!

Courtney and Heather said...

Oh, how funny! I saw your post and it did look like you were in the same spot just on the other side. Great seats!


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