Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aydrie & Ace

Aydrie has started to show a little more interest in her baby brother and I love it! Aydrie likes to play with his stuff.

A couple of weeks ago Ace was in his play station and Miss Aydrie decided she wanted to play too.

So, she went right up to him and started to play with him. She would just laugh at him and Ace would just look at her.

At one point they wanted the same toy and played tug of war.

Ace won but I don't think Aydrie really minded.

Their nice little play time ended with a little hair pulling! 

Yes,  Ace grabbed Aydries hair and starting pulling and would not let go.

At that point Aydrie decided she was done with her baby brother and went on about her day.

I love seeing them together and how Aydrie reacts to him. She likes to see what he is doing and likes to check him out and at other times she thinks its funny when he is upset...she will just sit and laugh at him.  Too funny!


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