Friday, March 18, 2011

Wildlife and a Birthday!

Tuesday, Jaye and Brennan flew in to San Antonio and joined us.  We decided to go to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio. 

These three were very excited and ready to feed the animals!

When we entered the ranch this was the first thing we saw.

This is ranch were you can drive through and feed the animals.  The animals will come right up to your car and you can get up close and personal with them (if you choose to do so).


We decided to get something to eat before we drove through the ranch.    They had a little restaurant where we were able to eat.  So, we all enjoyed lunch before we headed out.

They give you a free bag of food when you pay and you can buy another bag for a $1.  So, we ended up buying two extra bags so we would all have one.

Brennan checking out the food.  We kept finding this food in my car all day long!

We saw and were able to feed all kinds of animals. They would come right up to the car. 

They tell you before you go in to make sure you drop the food outside your window and to not try and hand feed them.

We had no problem following directions and made sure to drop the food, especially when we came to these!!

We were so scared of these animals!! We laughed so hard!! These animals are very aggressive and like their food and were not afraid to sick there long heads into the cars and get it.

We saw this happen to the people in front of us and they would end up throwing the whole bag of food out!  (Don't worry there were ranch helpers driving around picking up any bags of food that got dropped.)

We would drop our food and end up rolling up the window when they came over to our car. We were big chickens and there were lots of screams coming from cars in this area (including ours).

The zebras were my favorite.  There was a sign before we entered that said "ZEBRAS MAY BITE"  so once again we were kind of scared in this area to.

The zebras were not scared to come right up to the car.

We ended up rolling up our window when they got to close.

Some of these animals would get so close to the cars.

These were so funny!  They are so funny looking and so big.

Heather and I thought the little donkeys were so cute!  They look so sad.

Miss Aydrie had so much fun and loved looking at all the animals! 

After we drove through we went to the petting barn and Austin and Brennan got to pet the goats. 

After the wildlife ranch we went back to the hotel to celebrate Brennans birthday!! He turned 6 years old on Tuesday!

We had cupcakes and he got to open some birthday gifts.

After we had cupcakes and stayed at the hotel for a while...we decided to walk down to the river walk to eat.

We ended up walking to my favorite restaurant on the river walk the Casa Rio. We were all very disappointed when we got there and they said that they were not taking any more reservations at the time. 

So, we walked to a couple of other places and it was the same thing.  We went at the wrong time.  So, we headed back to the hotel and called to get info on other good restaurants around downtown. 

We were soon on our way to a local non-chain restaurant and we exit off the highway and our on our way when the street the restaurant was on was closed for construction!  We then turn and try to go around the block and end up at the San Antonio Zoo!!

We then got back on the highway and exited at the first place we saw which was Joe's Crab Shack!   We all laughed when we set down to eat and were also thankful to finally being able to sit down and eat!

We ended up having a good meal!


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