Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lazy Lazy Weekend

We had a very lazy weekend. We didn't do much of anything.  Luckily, this little one acted like he didn't feel to bad all weekend. 

Friday was Adam's birthday but since Ace was sick we decided to stay at home. We were going to do a birthday dinner for Adam at my parents but decided not to. We will have to celebrate his birthday another weekend when we are all well.

Saturday I got up and was in a cleaning mood and cleaned the entire house.  I did have to take a few breaks to sit with Aydrie and Ace a couple of times but by 1:00 I was done!

It feels so good to have a sparkling clean house.  But I am sure it will not last long...ha.  So, after I cleaned we then got dressed and decided to get out of the house for a bit.  We ended up going to Adams parents for a little while and then came home.

Sunday we decided to just stay at home and take it easy.  I didn't even get dressed. Heather stopped by Sunday morning and I helped her with a project she is working on. I am sure she will share later.  She got all dressed up Sunday and was looking all cute and made me feel really lazy!

She was very busy this weekend doing some neat stuff and I had to stay at home with a sick baby.  No fun!

Miss Aydrie  woke up Sunday morning feeling under the weather and didn't feel like doing anything.  She enjoyed laying in her bed all day watching her Nemo and getting up every once in a while to play. By the end of the day she was feeling better and was back to her normal self.

Even when she is not feeling well...she will still give you a smile!

Austin was very happy he got to leave the house on Sunday. He got to go and hang out with his aunt April and Jayden. I told him the only way he would be able to go is if he let me take a picture of him..ha. The things I have to do to get a picture of him these days.  He is growing up way to fast!

The rest of my Sunday afternoon was spent with this little guy.  He now makes this funny little face all the time. I am not sure why....I guess it is just some thing he has figured out he can do??

He was a little fussy on Sunday but that meant this momma got to give him lots of extra lovin!   

I hope you  had a great weekend!

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